Credit Card Skimmers For Sale Of All Kinds!

  • Welcome to the site that guarantees delivery and quality. All Devices are Russian Built or Russian Programmed. Invest into any of our devices you will thrive guaranteed. You will also be given advice and recommendations on what device would be good for you. Your first purchase will ensure you will be back to order more units.


  • The ATM Skimmers For Sale by  are top notch with Manufacturer ATM Bezels such as Diebold , Diebold Anti, NCR and Wincor Builds and tiny Magnetic Heads with  models such as “MSRV007 MSR007 MSRV008 MSR008 MSR009 MSRV009”. If your unfamiliar with mentioned models. These magnetic heads are either built with USB Function, Bluetooth Function and lastly GSM Function (Sends Dumps and Pins via SMS). In Conclusion ATM Skimmers For Sale or better known as Overlay ATM Skimmers are built with perfection and have proven to show results to many current customers. Purchasing ATM Skimmer.


  • The POS Skimmers for sale by  is the most recommended, efficient and long lasting Verifone VX670 Offline Skimmer. Known for its untraceable capability of recording Dumps and Pins details with a feature of Time Stamped so you know when the Dump+Pin was taken. When you purchase a POS Skimmer from us, we include a guide for novice users.  Purchase A Verifone Offline Skimmer.


  • The GSM Data Receiver Skimmer for sale also known as GSM Receiver Kit for sale by is the most famous device sold on the market today. First Released in 2015 after many bugs and errors fixed . A device that can make you a doctors salary in a matter of a week. This device is completely wireless and connects straight to Bank Frequency of many Banks worldwide. This device is completely untraceable. This Device also includes our GSX Chip Software 2.2 (Feb 2018) will ensure maximum profits. We also Include the Bank Frequency Software 2.2 (Feb 2018) which is used to display data retrieved from Bank ATMs.  This Device is here to stay and is frequency updated and update files are sent to current customers every 3-6 Months. Purchase a GSM Data Receiver Skimmer


  • We also accept orders for Custom Skimmers. Park Meter Skimmers, Different Credit Card Skimmers For Sale,  Cashier Ethernet Data Grabbers and Deep Inserts. (Discontinued Until Further Notice).


  • Follow up with us on our Updates with Devices mentioned above via our Updates Page. We address possible errors and inform customers on new updates on devices missed and many more!

ATM Skimmers

We have been consistently selling ATM Skimmers of all kinds, USB, BLUETOOTH AND GSM Versions.

VeriFone Offline Skimmer

Verifone Offline Skimmer is a device that your able to steal T1/T2/CH/PIN (Time Stamped)
Off the radar and doesn’t register

GSM Receiver Kit

GSM Receiver is a device that connect to Many bank ATMs worldwide via Bank Frequency which is used to confirm T2/PIN , located in MOSCOW, RUSSIA.
We ship many units weekly  to countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada .
We are a group of Top Russian Engineers who have managed to find MANY MANY FLAWS in the Banking System!
Email: [email protected]