SkimmingDevices Updates!

March 6th, 2020

our Response to any false claims of Malicious behavior

June 21st, 2019

Bank Frequency Update

Now fully Works in Australia

Now fully Works in New Zealand

Now fully Works in Colombia

221 Chip Reading Error Fixed

You can click Stop Retrieving Info And Continue Info.

Email sent to all Current Customers under subject  “Update 21/6/2019” Please download it and continue using this version until we have another update.

June 5th, 2019

We are Open to New Customers Again! Please send your orders at [email protected]

May 26, 2019 

We have spoken to the owner of the Website “Signal-Arnaques” in result of there thorough investigation they have confirmed the scam report is “Invalid and Not True” Please click the link to confirm yourself . They have taken it down and will continue to remove any false reports.


Click This Photo

Click This Link (False Scam Report Removed)

MAY 23TH, 2019 

We are not currently not accepting ANY New Orders from new customers! Only from those with “Strong Reference” We have already sold many units and want to give it a week as we are working on OUR NEW RFID SKIMMER (WIRELESS)

We are also Updating Bank Frequency Software to work with more BANKS in mainly “AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND”

MAY 20TH, 2019

We have received many emails in regards to in Event that we found to be quite funny. I wanted to address this and communicate that we have had a great reputation since 2014 under Alpha Bay and  under Dream Market. Unfortunately both markets have been closed! . We also have never received any complaints about not delivering on our END.   I just wanted to provide you how easy it is to prove This particular Review is simply not true.

I want you to focus on the Bitcoin Transaction and when it was sent. In this photo here the Bitcoin Transaction was Sent  May 16th, 2019 .

                                                    Link Of BlockChain TransactionClick This Photo

I want you now to take a very clear look at this photo of when it was supposedly sent to me.

     Link Of Photo : Click This Photo

We can now see there was a Bitcoin Transaction sent  May 16th, 2019 but to WHO?! (Click Link Below)

Link Of Second Photo : Click This Photo

What we can see here!? It takes us a minimum two to three business days for customers to receive shipment. The False Scam Report was submitted May 16th, 2019

Lets take another look at This Photo : Click This Photo

Hmm? now how would it be possible for a customer to receive a shipment within an Hour?! Scam Report was submitted at 11:14!  but Bitcoin Was sent at 10:16!????

We only do Legitimate Business and have always been!  We will not allow Fake Reviews to Undermine our Credibility.



We are no LONGER Selling a Verifone Offline Skimmer with “GSX Chip Software” as many have tried to reverse engineer the software for profit gain! Each Device is Sold with an encryption Key that will only function with one Computer.

September 13TH, 2018

Gas Pump Skimmer Software now supporting all Universal Gas Pumps whether sold from us or any  other legitimate Vendors.

Feb 14TH, 2018

Bank Frequency Software Update:

  • Wells Fargo (USA)  Frequency Fix
  • Working for Banks In Canada
  • Freeze Bug Fixed
  • Supports Windows XP to Windows 8.1
  • Supports Mac OS
  • Saves All Data Once Finished Using Software to Program Files (x86)\Bank Frequency Software/ Data Folder

Please submit any Bug  reports with Bank Frequency by Emailing [email protected]

April 22ND , 2017

We have Discontinued Sales of Deep Inserts until FURTHER NOTICE!