Verifone Skimmer For Sale

Concluded Description:

Verifone Offline Skimmer is a device that your able to steal T1/T2/CH/PIN (Time Stamped)
Off the radar and doesn’t register a transaction, which would make it completely untraceable.

Verifone Offline Skimmer is able to store up to 10,000 Card Data

Verifone Offline Skimmer comes in two version. One would be USB Version and one would be Bluetooth.

Detailed Description

• Copy the credit card, Debit card

• Store track 1 and 2, 3.

• Copy credit card pin code.

• Store pin code.

• Printing fake receipt.

Machine can store track 1/2/3 along with pin CODE and time stamped AND credit card details.

Available Options:

Machine can process both Debit and Credit cards.

Can say approved, communication error, declined, unknown error and INSUFF funds.

You can limit the machine not to process more than X number of transactions.

Can customize the Merchant receipt and customer receipt on your own

Data is 3DES encrypted, only with a valid key can be able to decrypt (ON/OFF feature)


Process both debit and credit cards, machine will never communicate with the real bank server,machine is not physically tampered, just software was modded. It cannot process real transactions, it will fake the actual transactions, gives you receipt and stores track 1 and 2, 3 +pin code, which you can download later on your pc.

Customers Suggestions:

Great for Restaurants, Taxi, and Hotels!

Price: 3,000 USD (Free Shipping)

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 4 reviews
 by Braxton
Very Nice

Recently bought the Gas Pump skimmer, worked really well been racking up big money. thanks guys

 by george

just seeing if the comments work

 by Nirumtl

verifone skimmer m'a fait de l'argent je vous souhaite la meilleure des chances

 by stocky
nice offline skimmer

works man will contact you soon