Ethernet Swighper , ATM Skimmer For Sale

Ethernet TJ-45 Skimmer, is a device attached to an ordinary cable that once is connected will Steal all Data in TRACK 2 FORMAT.

Skimmer has an SD Card Attached for storing up to 10,000 Card Data

This device is not recommended for those who are completely new to Recieving Card Data

This device also comes with a software to ensure useability.

This device we have confirmed to sold to many big sites selling Dumps.

This is an Example of what the Device Looks Like. Only recommended for advanced users.

We have Skimmers that are used by Novice Users. Quick and Easy to Use.

Recommend The ATM Skimmers, The Verifone Skimmer and The Famous GSM Data Receiver .

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 2 reviews
 by Al

great product

 by rubeni
hard to use

i made my cash back from this but im definitely ordering a different type of skimmer. its only good if you got ppl working in the bank or a car rental spot.