ATM Skimmers For Sale

We have been consistently selling ATM Skimmers of all kinds, USB, BLUETOOTH AND GSM Versions.

Diebold Anti
NCR Round/Square

USB Version: would just store data on the SD Card on the back of the Skimmer Build.

Bluetooth Version: would send data via BLUETOOTH to a nearby Iphone or Android device with our Scrapper Software.

GSM Version: would send data via SMS. to any Phone number (Sim is Required)

All ATM Skimmer Devices include Pinpads, Cables, Instructions. Batteries are rechargeable with a USB Cable to any power point. Also comes with a Tutorial.

All our devices are built with OEM ATM Parts and overlay looks like the real thing, Also are built with the tiniest Magnetic head and 100 % Accurate

Before Contacting Us Regarding “ATM Skimmer”

-Please Submit photo of ATM via Email ([email protected])

-Only purchase if you know what your doing.

-Otherwise Request for a Manual or a Sales Agent to help you.

Customer Suggestions:

Use in High Traffic Area, Avoid High Risk Areas for example (Orlando,FL) Target cities that aren’t familiar with “ATM Skimming” as these devices have been

used again and again for the past 25 Years. Most would recommend using devices such a POS Skimmers or GSM Reciever Kit

Price: 1,500 USD TO 3,500 USD

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 4 reviews
 by Ramji Tiwari
Software Included With ATM Skimmers

Software Included With ATM Skimmers

 by Scott

Great buy! Would recommend this to anyone trying to make some quick money

 by Selicon
Thanks for the order

Received my order and have put the atm skimmer into use

 by KTrap
legit guy

thought i was going to get scammed thanks for keeping your word.