GSM Data Receiver Skimmer

GSM Receiver Kit

GSM Receiver is a device that connect to Many bank ATMs worldwide via Bank Frequency which is used to confirm T2/PIN and sometimes zipcode/postcode/postal code.

This is the most lucrative device sold on the market right now and it sends data Directly to our custom software “Bank Frequency Software”.

The Kit also includes:

MSRX6 (Bluetooth)
EMV/Chip Writer
Bank Frequency Book
50 EMV Blank Cards
Bank Frequency Software 2.2 Feb 2018 Edition
GSX Chip Software 2.2 Feb 2018 Edition
SkimmingDevices Guide
TeamViewer 24/7 Support
Active Bank Match EMV Code network

This device basically ensures you have everything you need to actively connect to unsecured Bank Frequencies of most banks.

Price is set at 7,000 USD in BTC (Free Shipping)

Detailed Description:

This device basically connect to ATMs from about 50 meters away, It will scan for Bank Frequencies and Display “**Bank Name** ***Bank Number **ID Number* .
This device works aside with our software Bank Frequency Software and is used with a laptop. Internet is not required to have this working. Its untraceable.
Once device is connected to Bank ATM, Just wait for people to use it and it will store ALL data in Folder “DP” Each Info will save as *txt file*

We provide regular updates every 3-5 months as Banks do Update Encryption .

We also provide Sales Agents (Other Customers) to instruct you on how to use the GSM Receiver.

Customer Suggestions:
Use in heavy traffic areas .
Tested and Works in
USA, UK, CANADA, Most of Europe , South Africa and Australia

UPDATE: We have heard of customers claiming they found many sellers selling GSM Receivers at prices as low as 900 USD, it would be impossible to sell this kit for
a low PRICE. The software ALONE cost quite A LOT. Legitimate Sellers sell between 7,000 USD to 9,000 USD. Please be aware of such.

GSM Reciever Kit Video

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 34 reviews
by Antonio on Skimming Devices
Great stuff guys amazing

I am in shock I can’t believe it I took a huge risk but it’s fucking worth it

by syed on Skimming Devices
great job

good job by these guys

by Valodya on Skimming Devices

at first did not understand how to use it and then got tutorial and works fine thank you

by The boss on Skimming Devices
The best

Great guys

by Bhj on Skimming Devices
its real

this shit is great

by Rondocash on Skimming Devices
Really impressed

After some hard research and speaking to the couple people who have previously bought from website. I am now an owner of a great money generator called the gsm receiver skimmer kit. I have made 4000 cash in my first couple days using this.  Check out my cash out slips.  I uploaded a picture so hopefully it shows in my review

I also don't mind helping you guys prove that this Russian seller is really honest..

@Rondocash (My telegram)


by Brother Kimo on Skimming Devices
I'm Gonna Ride Until the Wheels Fall Off

I've been looking for this game for over three years. I've been a carder for over 10 years now making fifteen thousand (15K) plus a month and sometimes a lot more. But since the EMV came out it has hurt me pretty bad since the beginning of 2019, and I was at one of my lowest points until I was blessed with, around October of last year. I never gave a review because I was waiting to see if anything would go wrong. I haven't had even a hiccup with the GSM Receiver Package.
Instead of a month I've done those numbers over a weekend. You might not be as polished as myself from the beginning but with the right mentor-ship you will be able to do those numbers twice a month easy. Skimmingdevices has radically changed my life. Making money has never been easier and is like taking candy from a baby. The shit works so sweet that it is fucking scary. If you're not hungry find someone else to hit up, I've been very busy but I will take out a few minutes here and there for the chosen few.

Contact : Brother Kimo / [email protected]


by jwettmasta on Skimming Devices

fuck  I don’t usually leave review for anything I buy online especially something like this but man at this price and investment I actually had my fingers crossed and this guy came thru with the gsm the software wasn’t working on my laptop found out to be my laptop fault I had to download java to run the software plus it already came with the September update didn’t have to request for it and if anyone is still debating or cross minded  this legit .  Ill show you the shit working. Telegram: jwettmasta

by Bob Glenman on Skimming Devices

I have seen my friend order the gsmdatarecevier right in front of my eyes and a few days later it had came to his doorstep can’t wait to order one

by juju on Skimming Devices
just do it

test test ...............................

by Billy on Skimming Devices

Shit Really Fucking Works!

by Dumps King on Skimming Devices

This product works but it doesn't work for ABM Machines in the GAS STATION GOOD STUFF.

by shabon on Skimming Devices
good skimmerr

Hello friends
this device is working well thank you for good productt

by Hello on Skimming Devices

This works

by bagman1 on Skimming Devices

good stuff bro

by Seth on Skimming Devices
I Used it and it works for most banks

I used it and it works for most banks in Australia but except one big bank and I hope you do fix it in the future.

It doesn't work for Bank of Melbourne but all other banks it works.

by ShmoneyNYC on Skimming Devices
dis dude hooked it up

this money comin in quick for a muthafucka real talk you da man

by Medellín on Skimming Devices
selller de calidad superior !!!

Soy de Colombia y este hombre es un vendedor honesto

by Iepuraş on Skimming Devices
surprins că

wow Sunt surprins că am primit comanda mea după o revizuire rău am văzut Cred că acest vânzător a fost spus adevărul el este vizat de competiitior

by vlad on Skimming Devices
я получил мой скиммер высокого качества

я получил мой скиммер высокого качества

by Phoenix000 on Skimming Devices
fast shipping

paid the bitcoins and took less then a week to get it.

by Bob on Skimming Devices
Best skimmer

I purchased this not too long ago and seems to be working like it does in the video on this website

by DopeGDN on Skimming Devices
ordered and got it

i got everything but the Tutorial. I emailed him and he sent it via email.

by CassC on Skimming Devices
CassC Review

I posted my version of my story and Its actually crazy I literally sent all I Had to this seller and in the middle of already sending a payment this seller got a bad review. its crazy . but it all worked out in the end.

checked my proof of me getting my gsm receiver kit



by deependFL on Skimming Devices
5 FUCKING STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend sent me this website and i aint believe it but he shipped it aint nothing more to say but dat

real fucking russian

by PorkNBeans on Skimming Devices
ya boi word is solid

made that bitcoin payment to this dude and he sent me a tracking number 4 hours later then 4 days i got my package.

went straight to a USAA ATM and shit it really reads the shit and i used the gsx software and cashed out

100% good seller

by crazyjug230 on Skimming Devices
got my gsm data receiver

got my gsm data receiver

by ChiraqKid on Skimming Devices
Man oh Man

man you have no idea what i was thinking , i thought i was about to lose my shit but you came thru bro thx alot

by sergio04 on Skimming Devices
la mia recensione

il pacchetto è arrivato e sembra che tutto funzioni come suppone.

by InezGee on Skimming Devices
vendedor real

Soy de México y su receptor de GSM realmente funciona aquí. Estoy sorprendido porque muchas personas lo han enviado no es posible, pero lo he visto con mis propios ojos.

by booba on Skimming Devices
Merci beaucoup

Ce vendeur est incroyable, il a reçu mon paiement et a expédié mon appareil immédiatement sans aucun problème. une fois que le dispositif est entré, j'ai lu le livre de fréquences du manuel et de la banque et cela a fonctionné, j'ai fait mes cinq cents premiers euros

by libz on Skimming Devices
GSM Receiver Review

GSM took three days to arrive from DHL and waited a couple weeks to make a personal review. skimming devices you are a legend i wish you well with any new devices you got coming please inform me if anything new comes.

by dondham on Skimming Devices

legit seller.......

by subham ekka on Skimming Devices
your device is working

your device is working i will order more