GSM Data Receiver Skimmer

GSM Receiver Kit

GSM Receiver is a device that connect to Many bank ATMs worldwide via Bank Frequency which is used to confirm T2/PIN and sometimes zipcode/postcode/postal code.

This is the most lucrative device sold on the market right now and it sends data Directly to our custom software “Bank Frequency Software”.


The Kit also includes:

MSRX6 (Bluetooth)
EMV/Chip Writer
Bank Frequency Book
50 EMV Blank Cards
Bank Frequency Software 2.2 Feb 2018 Edition
GSX Chip Software 2.2 Feb 2018 Edition
SkimmingDevices Guide
TeamViewer 24/7 Support
Active Bank Match EMV Code network

This device basically ensures you have everything you need to actively connect to unsecured Bank Frequencies of most banks.

Price is set at 7,000 USD in BTC (Free Shipping)

Detailed Description:

This device basically connect to ATMs from about 50 meters away, It will scan for Bank Frequencies and Display “**Bank Name** ***Bank Number **ID Number* .
This device works aside with our software Bank Frequency Software and is used with a laptop. Internet is not required to have this working. Its untraceable.
Once device is connected to Bank ATM, Just wait for people to use it and it will store ALL data in Folder “DP” Each Info will save as *txt file*

We provide regular updates every 3-5 months as Banks do Update Encryption .

We also provide Sales Agents (Other Customers) to instruct you on how to use the GSM Receiver.

Customer Suggestions:
Use in heavy traffic areas .
Tested and Works in
USA, UK, CANADA, Most of Europe , South Africa and Australia

UPDATE: We have heard of customers claiming they found many sellers selling GSM Receivers at prices as low as 900 USD, it would be impossible to sell this kit for
a low PRICE. The software ALONE cost quite A LOT. Legitimate Sellers sell between 7,000 USD to 9,000 USD. Please be aware of such.

GSM Reciever Kit Video